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Our mission is your mission!

Through organisational, management and leadership development

DNA Global was origionally created through the merging of four highly successful separate companies.  Each of these previously separate companies benefited from a long standing and proven track record of helping organisations, groups and individuals to grow and develop.

Through a wide and varied network of specialists and generalists DNA Global can now provide an integrated and broad service which will help your organisation to achieve its medium and long-term mission whilst developing the immediate capability of people.


Products & services

Our core area of business is coaching the development of organisations groups and individuals to achieve outstanding results.

Typically, our clients are senior influencers within an organisation who would employ our services to support a required process of change.

To appreciate specifically how DNA Global can be of service to your organisation, explore the links on the menu bar at the top of this web page.


More than scratching the surface ...

We work within the deep structure of the company, at the "cellular level".  We work to develop and maintain the optimal "DNA blueprint" that drives your organisation or team - the blueprint best suited to both effective rapid response in the short term and the longer term growth of your organisation.

Our experience of working with many varied clients, in all market sectors and within every continent on the world, enables us to provide you with a truly global world class service.

Our consultants and coaches work on a diversity of issues at different levels and in many different ways, depending upon the exact needs of your organisation.  Our interventions are always carefully designed with your involvement and full agreement, and just as you evaluate whether DNA Global fits your criteria - we only accept business that fits our criteria.

Our mission is to help you close the gap on your mission.

Our mantra is Leadership and Learning

We will work with you to define your outcomes and requirements in detail and then guarantee to achieve the results with you.  We believe we are the only organisation within our market to offer our services in this way and with a solid commitment to deliver the results we promise.

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