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DNA Global works within the deep structure of your company - at the "cellular level" - to develop and maintain the optimal "DNA blueprint" that drives your organisation.  We empower you to create the organisation of your choice.  This is achieved by combining two distinct approaches:
  • A very pragmatic business focus on organisational change initiatives.

  • A passion to develop individuals and teams to excel in their contributions to the growth of your organisation.

Other consultancies are usually only familiar with one approach or the other: initiating specific business changes without engaging the will of the organisation, or unable to generate pragmatic follow through results from people development initiatives.  We are able to close the gap, ensuring the development of people dovetails congruently with organisational change initiatives.  Our consultants are first and foremost business people, with a passion for developing people.

Our approach is flexible and tailored to the precise needs of your organisation based on a Dynamic Diagnosis Process.  We utilise all the tools described in our web site as appropriate, such as Transformational Leadership and Team Inspiration & Motivation and we support you directly in creating your organisation through a Dynamic Coaching process.  In addition to these services, we offer 4 distinct products:

  • Strategic Planning & Business Issue Resolution. We will support and guide your critical planning and decision-making processes at the highest levels.  This link also explains our consultancy and facilitation skills programmes - designed to empower your people to do this without our direct involvement!

  • Organisational Innovation.  We empower your people with new skills and attitudes whilst simultaneously innovating the business processes in your organisation.  We can develop your strategic business unit or department to behave as an entrepreneurial business in its own right

  • Facilitation Skills Programmes. These are highly dynamic and powerful tailored in-house programmes to empower selected personnel to act as change agents within your organisation.

  • Joint Venture & Partnership Development.  Increasingly, as we progress into the 21st Century, many business opportunities are so global and complex in scale: they can only be realised by co-operation with competitors.  We will support you in developing the new culture absolutely essential for success of such initiatives.

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