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Working from the inside out
Our approach is to engage the deep structure of the organisation.  Diagnosis at this level in itself acts as a catalyst for change.  We start generating results at the diagnosis stage - no need to wait for, then wade through the traditional steps of diagnosis before gaining a useful attitudinal change in your workforce.  Our approach to diagnosis is Dynamic - you gain return on your investment immediately.


The core principles

Tree ringsTake a medical model.  It is vital to understand each of the elements to help the patient improve their health.  This may include surgery, the use of drugs, how to plan and administer operational capability and the correct aftercare.

However the medical intervention is much more powerful when, not just the right medical approach but the physical, mental and emotional nature of the individual is considered.

Each person is unique.  None of us appreciate the same colours, metabolises food at the same rate, has the same immune functioning or capability to heal, response to change or enjoys the same wine.  Each of us is completely different - Each organisation is totally different!

Each organisation is a complex arrangement which coheres into a working system.

Organisations need to answer the question: is that system working - for or against the good of the shareholders, the profits the company mission and the fulfillment of your people?

Each company has a different set of beliefs, different motivational characteristics, value systems, ways of communicating and processing information that drive behaviour and form culture.

From the first engagement we begin to work with our clients and focus on thinking systemically.  This is key in creating a strategy that provides a dynamic context that includes all aspects of the current reality combined with the desired vision and mission in an inclusive change framework.

At this level of thinking companies are better able to understand how to plan and solve problems by increasing their understanding of the complex relationships and interactions that underpin and affect daily business life



Our consultants will work with your organisation in a flexible and dynamic manner, creating high impact from the start.  Together with yourselves, we carefully select persons to meet either face to face or utilising video and telephone communication when appropriate


A Unique diagnosis tool

When appropriate we also apply a group approach to diagnosis Dynamic Needs Analysis. This is a 'dynamic' tool for evaluating and exploring individual and group skill and performance level providing immediate and very powerful impact.

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