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Dynamic needs analysis

What is the dynamic needs analysis?

It is a 'dynamic' tool for evaluating and exploring individual and group skills and performance levels.

It identifies individual and team training needs.

It provides individual and/or group feedback on real performance

What does it do?

It enables you to focus training programmes and effort into specifically identified areas in order to achieve rapid and pragmatic results

It provides an expert and unbiased evaluation, into the strengths and development areas of individuals and teams

It helps individuals and groups to assess and analyse the changes they could make to enhance their performance and achieve outstanding results

It helps individuals to reflect on their performance and set razor sharp goals for business process improvement

Results of the DNA

An individual and/or team profile which provides and outlines:

  • Key Strengths

  • Key development areas

  • Constructive feedback and comments

  • Recommendations and suggestions for future development

  • An opportunity to reflect and consider skills, behaviours and habits which both limit and enhance performance

  • A record and plan which complements and enhances a performance review or appraisal process

What does the DNA consist of?

Participants will be observed throughout a series of exercises especially designed to challenge abilities in core competence areas.  The exercises involve working with others and solving both familiar and unfamiliar problems.  There are both physical and mental exercises which are achievable for all participants and are not discriminative in any way.  The physical exercises are not designed to test strength or fitness, they are designed to allow participants to become engaged, not only mentally, but also emotionally in the process. 

This is key as it is emotion rather than intellect which drives our behaviour when under pressure or when performance is most critical. During the exercises, individual and/or group strengths and your development areas quickly become apparent to our highly skilled observers. These observations are fed back to individuals during debrief.  A full report is prepared for each individual and coaching arranged where appropriate.

Does the DNA really help individuals to assess their skills, abilities and limitations?

Yes.  The DNA differs from a traditional assessment centre in that it is focussed and designed specifically to provide constructive feedback, which will support individuals to grow within your organisation.  Individuals are, however, expected to be prepared to participate with an open mind and a sense of curiosity about themselves and their performance.

Because the process is dynamic it engages, not only logic and intellect, but also more subtle skill and awareness which is becoming increasingly more important for senior managers who need to influence and lead other people - Emotional Intelligence or EQ.  EQ is now recognised as one of, if not the, main factors for achieving results and success in virtually any field.  The more senior the manager or leader; the greater the chance that success will depend on Critical Success Factors such as:

  • Self awareness and awareness of others…

  • Empathy and real active listening…

  • Identifying and expressing feelings… Reducing stress in self and others…

  • Managing ones own emotions and leading the emotional states of others

These are just some of the competencies of those who are Emotionally Intelligent.  The DNA is unique because is identifies the elusive EQ factor which most competency and assessment based approaches fail to identify.

The DNA will not only provide objective feedback and observations on both IQ and EQ issues, but also subjective feedback on the softer, and arguably more important aspects of achieving results through other people.

There is no pass or fail through the DNA, only high quality information which can provide the springboard for an individual to move onto the next step of their personal development.

Psychometric Testing

Can be used as part of the DNA process or used on it's own and in conjunction with coaching. Click the link here for further details:


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