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Executive coaching for senior leaders

The last decade, and possibly even more recently, for many organisations has been time of focussing on leadership through empowerment and involvement.
The current business environment, especially after the global recession and financial meltdown, has taught us that this approach is simply not robust enough. What is required in today's working environment is developing a sharper business edge - the decade for pragmatic performance coaching. Our approach as coaches is not to have comfortable 'chats' and conversations with our clients as many, so called, coaches do. Although always constructive, we believe in giving people direct and often challenging feedback and advice that is not wrapped up in today's political correctness.
Rapid impact coaching and swift personal change and development is the result.

Senior managers in modern businesses are under tremendous pressure to rapidly generate results, and simultaneously (and sometimes conflictingly) care for and develop staff.  Furthermore, work loads are now hugely different to what they were previously.

Recent studies show that work loads (and stress levels) are increasing by between 7-15% each year! The old 40/40/40 rule (40 hour week for 40 weeks per year for 40 years) has been replaced with 'produce the same activity but do it in less than half the time'. Charles Handy refers to the 'half by two by three principal' - pay half as many people twice as much to do three times more work. These are only some of the pressures upon senior managers today - and it will get harder!

Needs of Senior Leaders

In an increasingly complex and dynamic business environment, senior managers need specialised coaching support. They need assistance to achieve their maximum potential. They also need support that is objective and not constrained by the corporate mindset and culture within the organisation itself - paraphrasing what Einstein said 'the same thinking which got you into the problem won't get you out'.

DNA Global has a large network of highly experienced, specialist executive coaches, able to directly support the needs of senior managers.  Our coaches are familiar working with both large scale corporate organisations, and smaller, rapidly expanding companies.  To communicate directly with one of our senior coaches to find out if coaching may be appropriate to your particular situation, contact DNA Global directly (email or telephone), providing a short explanation of your circumstances and needs. We will respond quickly with concrete advice and a options on how executive coaching may assist you.

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