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Facilitation Skills Programmes

Facilitation creates organisational change by empowering individuals and teams to break the mould of restricted behaviours, to accept the risks and benefits of applying newer and more effective business processes and accept greater responsibility for generating solutions to the challenges they are facing.

There are two distinct and complementary applications of facilitation:

  • Task Facilitation - direct support with business issue resolution using independent facilitators who are impartial and have an objective viewpoint of the issue.

  • Process Facilitation - improvement of your business processes by facilitating learning from experience in your organisationor teams.

Change within your organisation is promoted most effectively when these two applications of facilitation are combined. This ensures learning is applied immediately to improve business processes and resolution of key issues.

Many organisations offering facilitation skills programmes are unclear about the distinction between task and process facilitation and deliver products which may be well received by training or HR professionals, but in reality lack any real impact on the business.

Our Facilitation Skills Programme is intended for carefully selected persons, who have the potential to act as change agents.

In essence, facilitation is a form of leadership.  As our business environment becomes more fast changing and complex, there is a need for leadership to be applied more immediately.  Facilitation is a leadership tool particularly suited to promote faster change across an organisation with pronounced hierarchical structures and functional boundaries.

Our facilitation skills programme is tailored to meet your exact needs and delivered in house in a flexible way to accommodate the demands on your business.  Personnel who have attended the programme will be directly supported to apply their skills, to make a real impact on the organisation by a follow through Dynamic Coaching process.  This often involves DNA Global consultants directly observing and supporting your change agents in facilitation of live business issues.

Areas the facilitation skills programmes address include:

  • The subtle relationship between facilitation & leadership

  • Building and developing a team or group

  • Methods of working with a group

  • The power of dynamic questioning

  • Timing an intervention

  • Dealing with avoidance and false consensus

  • Promoting feedback to enhance cross functional and internal team communication and alignment

  • Transforming meetings into productive and focused working

  • Implementing fast, high impact learning process reviews in order to break a 'fire-fighting' set of habits

  • Accommodating the learning and behavioural style preferences of those we are working with.

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