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Innovation - the deliberate initiation of change to create a business benefit

This can involve development of new products and services or new business processes - and these two aspects are often inter linked.

The first step of innovation is generating the creative concept.  This requires a "divergent" attitude of mind - to view business opportunities and issues from a new perspective. Specific creativity tools and techniques can help at this stage.  The outcome is a concept to be implemented in the business.  Often this concept is surprisingly simple (and therefore often the most effective).

The second step of innovation is making it happen - implementation.  This requires a receptive culture and dynamic leadership with a pragmatic focus.  This step is about "converging" the concept into the reality of a business benefit.

Innovation is often mistakenly associated solely with creativity.  Many organisations purporting to offer innovation programmes, in fact only provide support with this first step. DNA Global ensure congruence and follow through with the whole innovation process.  We achieve this by simultaneously working to develop skills and attitudes of your people, hand in hand with practical innovation of the business.  As we support you to develop a new product or service, or improve business processes, so we develop new skills and attitudes in your people to embed innovation into the culture of your organisation.

Our approach has been particularly successful when we have implemented an innovation programme fully within a department or strategic business unit, developing such a department or unit to behave as an entrepreneurial business in its own right.

Our innovation programmes are tailored exactly to your business circumstances and delivered jointly with the support of selected key players in your organisation. This promotes ownership by your organisation - those involved in the programme perceive it as an internal rather than external initiative.

DNA Global supports you to realise Paradigm innovation of your business rather than incremental improvements.

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