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Transformational leadership

Here at DNA Global we believe passionately in the power of leadership.  We believe that leadership is the only game in town if you want more than incremental personal and business improvement.

It is said that if you are a genius and great with interpersonal relationships, you remove 20% of the risk that change may bring to us.  If you work 24 hours a day, perhaps you will remove another 10-20% at the most.  At any time, at the point of a key action or decision, it is Transformational Leadership that can help you to master the remaining risk and gain the achievers edge.

Transformational Leadership is the process of mastering the balance between:

  • Risk and change

  • Your integrity and principles

  • The actions and choices you make

DNA Global is committed to helping organisations, groups and individuals to transform through the power of Transformational Leadership through providing the highest level of leadership development consultancy. To support leaders in dynamic businesses we also provide :

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