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Most of us think we work in teams. The reality is often we manage to accomplish things with a group of people - but teamwork is sporadic - if at all. For all the talk of 'Teamwork' in business, very little actually exists - and it is getting harder to work in a real team all the time.

Why is this? With relation to working in teams, great intentions seldom happen in reality. Changes in individual priorities and faliure to communicate effectively create a ripple effect of chaos throughout the group. More often than not, the team is held together by the leader - this is NOT real teamwork.

The solution to innefective teams :

- is relatively simple and usually overlooked. Too much focus is placed on shared goals and vision - not enough on the rules and contract. The rules and contract have to be in place right at the start so that, when problems and challenges occur, (which they inevitably will), there is already a strategy and process in place to deal with them. If the contract is not agreed in advance then the 'team' will be constantly in a state of reaction rather than response. The ability of a team and individual to respond rather than react, in our view, is the key differentiator between those who are highly successfull - and those which are average or underperform.

DNA Global's Consultants are expert at helping you build and develop real teams. Unlike many consultancies we do not go for purely a feel-good teambuilding experience that implicitly develops relationships. Our approach is to work at a deep level, if you like, with the very DNA of the team.

Working with you, we design a process to build and develop your team to acheive solid and pragmatic business results. We focus on the key primary factors for building excellence in teamwork.

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