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Creative strategic alliances and partnership working

This web page contains valuable information for you if your organisation is, or is likely to be involved in a strategic alliance with another organisation, or needs to adopt a partnership approach with a supplier or client.

Strategic alliances are sweeping through nearly every industry, in line with globalisation and increased complexity of business.  Fast changing networks drive the new information economy - those organisations that possess the ability to quickly and effectively establish alliances will gain immense competitive advantage.

Alliances allow companies to gain access to new markets or products at a reduced cost that would otherwise be prohibitive by solo effort.  Whilst becoming a necessary fact of 21st Century business life, alliances are risky and research shows that unsuccessful alliances contribute to major business problems.  Research has shown that unsuccessful alliances are often caused by undue emphasis on legal and commercial technicalities, without sufficient consideration of the leadership and cultural aspects of integration.

As with strategic alliances, out sourcing is a way to reduce complexity of business processes and complements a networked approach.  As a result, commercial partnerships are becoming increasingly important in the new economy, in which the old "black and white" supplier - client interface no longer provides the required flexible and dynamic platform to accommodate unpredictable business demands.

Whilst a well formatted commercial agreement is crucially important, other critical factors promoting a successful alliance (or commercial partnership) include:

  • Tackling the human implications of integration early and constantly

  • Ensuring clear and committed leadership

  • Creating and embedding a new a culture and identity

  • Continuous re-evaluation and flexibility of approach


Tackling the human implications of integration early and constantly

DNA Global can coach you during the earliest stages in anticipating the "softer" challenges of integration; and establishing the optimum approach for harnessing human energy and emotion.

More specifically we can facilitate understanding and agreement between organisations on how to deal with the important human integration issues, including communication throughout both organisations.  Our objective and impartial stance allows us to identify important issues that either parent company may miss. In addition, we often advise the formation of an "Integration Team" dedicated to dealing effectively with human integration issues.  We can support you directly in building such a coherent and high performing team utilising approaches described in the web page titled Team Inspiration & Motivation.


Ensuring clear and committed leadership

DNA Global possesses a wealth of experience and skill in promoting a People Focussed Leadership approach at all levels of an organisation.  We also provide Executive Coaching to support senior leaders from both parental companies to ensure alignment and synergy of leadership across the alliance/commercial partnership.

Creating and embedding a new culture and identity

Our experience of so many different companies with diverse cultures on a global scale, means we can provide you with the strategic appreciation and support you need to create and embed culture and identity.  We utilise a range of cultural diversity models and workshop approaches depending upon your exact needs.

Continuous Re-evaluation and Flexibility of Approach

We utilise a range of specific tools depending upon your exact needs.  In particular, our Dynamic Needs Analysis tool is an immediate high impact approach for identifying the strengths and development areas of individuals and teams to ensure your alliance or commercial partnership proceeds successfully past the formative stages.

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