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People focussed leadership

We sincerely believe that there is just one route to creating a leading organisation and that is through its people.

Some of our clients operate large manufacturing plants, others use premium business processes or significant technologies.  But it is their people who develop the new ideas and create leading-edge processes and products.  It is people who operate the plants, manage the processes and services, and it is people who market and sell.

People make it happen.

We believe that people are inwardly motivated to do their best. However, this can sometimes become clouded by pressures, old habbits and a fear of The unknown.  Our strength is to create organisations which enable people to achieve their full potential. We develop managers to treat people as they would like to be treated.

We call this People Focused Leadership

We ask people at each organisational level - business, function, department, team, individual - to consider these five key motivational activities:

  • Giving direction and involving

  • Building a positive spirit

  • Being open and honest

  • Having and showing care and respect

  • Developing and coaching

We explore, develop and embed the real meanings of these key activities and their context in the organisation.  And we show how they can enable people to extend their aspirations and achievements.

Why People Focused Leadership Works

Consider this question.  Think about the worst managers you have had, give this a moment: what did they do, what didn't they do?  Now think about the best manager you have known, give this a little longer: what did this manager do?

Our experience is that the difference would not be in technical knowledge or functional competency but in the way the different managers related to people, developed and maintained relationships, the way they 'focused' on them.

This is what People Focused Leadership is about.

We run the programme as an experiential workshop, with knowledge inputs to develop managers to be leaders who focus on people.  The work leads to managers learning and practising specific behaviours, actions and language which they need to use to be People Focused Leaders.  This programme has been developed extensively to identify the key aspects which managers need to be aware of and concentrate on to be People Focused Leaders.  It is run in such a way that the learners identify the titles and definitions that are appropriate to the organisation.

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