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Strategic planning & business issue resolution

Our current business environment demands a new approach to strategic planning.  The environment is so unpredictable and fast changing that greater emphasis needs to be placed on scenario planning: identifying a range of possible future circumstances your business will need to accommodate and rehearsing the best responses.

This requires a more creative or divergent approach to dealing with strategic matters by senior leaders in your organisation.  We can support you directly in this approach by coaching leaders and running scenario planning workshops at senior levels.  In addition, we can instil a mindset or culture in your organisation through our Business Innovation Programmes, which empower your personnel to be more responsive to change and receptive to uncertainty.

We can also support you directly in resolving specific business issues.  DNA Global consultants act as change agents working within your organisation employing a range of creative and high impact facilitation processes to:

  • Help you gain a new insight into issues and identify new, more effective options for resolution.

  • Support you practically in implementing chosen options.

In summary we use a flexible approach to assist you with strategic planning and business issue resolution depending upon your exact needs.

We can also transfer to your organisation the skills, techniques and intellectual capital we possess, to empower your personnel to lead strategic planning and resolve business issues more effectively.  DNA Global delivers tailored Facilitation Skills Programmes.  These are highly dynamic and powerful programmes to empower selected personnel to act as change agents within your organisation.

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