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Team Inspiration & Motivation


Specialised courses

Coaching and facilitation skills

A comprehensive training programme to develop these key leadership skills.


Project management

From basic skills to advanced techniques. The methodologies taught will support this increasingly vital set of skills.


Getting ahead staying ahead

A tailored programme for executives in technology based or linked organisations.  Our coaches will also help you to develop your company beyond start up through to phase 1 and phase 2.  This means you scale up instead of hitting the wall; when, what got you there is now out of control and hurting, you can transition through to the next phase.


Time design

There is not enough time and never will be if you deal with time conventionally.  We will teach you how to Design Time, which means literally creating a further dimension that will enable you to expand your ability to get more done in every sense.  Time design is a personal development process and system which will not only help you achieve more at work, but also ensure you have the correct design on your life.



A personal leadership learning programme where participants are taught how to optimise performance when under pressure.  Business, balancing work with home, conflict, tasks & projects - in fact life places a constant pressure upon us.  Intradynamics is a dynamic and fun learning course.  It helps you develop skills & principles with a new perspective. Introdynamics is run twice a year in the French Alps and amongst other methods utilises the medium of skiing as a learning vehicle.

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